What Is The Process Involved In An Uncontested Divorce? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., an experienced divorce attorney who has been assisting individuals with postnuptial agreements, and with matrimonial law issues.
What is the process involved in an uncontested divorce?

You may be wondering what the process is involved in an uncontested divorce. Typically, in an uncontested divorce, you and your spouse have worked through the issues of child custody, of child support, and division of assets. If you can’t work out those issues before meeting with an attorney, an attorney can give you a list of the issues and the basic questionnaire to work with those issues with your spouse. However, typically, those issues are worked out prior to meeting with an attorney. However, you can’t workout 100% of those issues, the attorney can meet with you to try to help you resolve those issues with your spouse and identify the exact issues that need to be resolved before going to court.

In an uncontested divorce, everything is resolved before you actually go to court and the documents are submitted to the court and the clerk to get you divorced.