Long Island Divorce Attorney David Badanes Interview With WLINY

Award-winning Long Island divorce attorney, David P. Badanes, Esq., has an informative interview with WLINY, Long Island’s #1 internet radio station. David Badanes shares valuable marketing tips to help ignite businesses in New York. Check out the interview below!

How Do I Obtain A Legal Separation? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq. of Badanes Law Office – a top rated divorce attorney on Long Island, NY.

Today’s Straight Talk: How do I obtain a legal separation?

If you are thinking of a legal separation vs a divorce, the procedure is very similar. We can go through all the procedures that have to go through a separation. It can be less expensive and typically would go for a separation if you want to stay in your spouse’s medical insurance plan.

There are other reasons why you may want to get separated as well. We would go through all the information you need and all the issues from A to Z to get you separated vs divorce. And you can remain separated for as long as you want. There is no time frame that you can have to end the separation. It’s completely up to you.

What Are Automatic Orders? Video

Straight talk with Long Island’s top rated divorce attorney, David Badanes, Esq.

Today’s Straight Talk: What are automatic orders?

In New York State, once you file for divorce, there are what called automatic orders for both you and your spouse. In general terms, this means keeping your status quo in terms of paying your bills and your financial information and financial documents.

So if you’ve been paying the mortgage prior to divorce. You are obligated to keep paying the mortgage. If you’ve been paying all these other general bills, electricity, heating, and water. You have to keep paying those bills as well. Also, you cannot just keep running off credit card debt if you have not been doing that prior to divorce.

So the automatic orders are orders that say to you, that you have to, in general terms keep the status quo as it pertains to your financial information and your financial life.

How Do I Prepare For Divorce? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., an experienced divorce lawyer on Long Island, NY with extensive experience in all areas of divorce.

Today’s Straight Talk: How do I prepare for divorce?

On Long Island, if you’re thinking or considering of getting divorced. There are many steps you can take to prepare yourself.

First of all, you should get all your financial information and financial documents in order. This means your tax returns, your bank statements, any stocks, or mutual funds you may own, your pension information, and insurance information.

There are many documents of financial information you all need to get to your attorney at some point. It will be very helpful if you gather that information right from the get-go.

You may also want to take a video of your house and your possessions so that if anybody says that you took something or you destroyed something, you have documentation of what your property is. And also you should take an inventory of all your property whether it’s your car or your house. Any kind of property that you may own that’s important to you. This information should be given to your attorney, when you go seek an attorney for a divorce.

What Does A Law Guardian Do? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., is an experienced divorce attorney dedicated to helping people throughout Long Island with their legal matters concerning different areas of family law.

Today’s Straight Talk: What does a Law Guardian Do?

If you have children, a court and a judge may order what is called a Law Guardian or what is now called the Attorney for the Child. And that person is the attorney for your child.

They represent your child’s interests, not your interests, and not your spouse’s interests. That person will typically meet with the child and see what the child’s wishes and wants are. And make sure that the child is being taken care of in the divorce and after the divorce.

I Am Considering Getting Divorced On Long Island, How Much Will It Cost? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., an experienced divorce on Long Island, NY with extensive experience in all areas of family law.

Today’s Straight Talk: I am considering of getting divorced. How much does a divorce cost on Long Island, NY?

On Long Island, if you are thinking of getting divorced, you want to know how much it is going to cost you. An uncontested divorce can cost anywhere from $800 to $2500.

An uncontested divorce initial retainer can usually range from $3000 to $5000. There may be additional fees on top of your initial retainer depending how long and complicated your divorce is.

If I Have Full Custody Of My Child, Can I Move Out Of State? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., a top-rated divorce attorney on Long Island, NY with extensive experience in all areas of divorce.

Today’s Straight Talk: If I have full custody of my child, can I move out of state?

If you have custody of your child and you want to move out of state, you’ll most likely still need permission from the court to move out of state. It’s not just that you can just pick up and move with your child to go to another state. You still need permission even if you have full custody of your child.

Again, every situation is different. You must consult with an experienced Long Island divorce attorney to find out what your rights are.

Is It A Good Idea To Video Tape The Contents Of My House? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., an experienced divorce attorney who has been assisting individuals in all matters related to divorce, spousal maintenance, and child custody.

Today’s Straight Talk: Is it a good idea to video tape the contents of your house?

If you’re getting divorced, it’s a very good idea to video tape the actual contents of your house. This way if something goes missing, you can say look here it is on tape or if something gets damaged or destroyed, again you have video proof of what your personal property is.

I highly recommend that you video tape the contents of your house or anything that is important to you.

Can We Change Judges Half-Way Through A Divorce? Video

David Badanes is a top-rated divorce attorney with extensive experience in all areas of divorce.

Today’s Straight Talk: Can we change judges half-way through a divorce?

Do you feel like the judge handling your divorce case does not like you or is in favor of your soon-to-be-ex-spouse? Is it possible to get a new judge? It’s possible but most of the time, the answer is no.

If you’re thinking of changing judges in a middle of divorce, it’s almost never going to happen. The only time a judge will be changed if the judge gets ill or if the judge has to leave the bench for an emergency. So it almost never going to happen that a judge will be changed in the middle of your divorce.

What Are Some Important Aspects To Know About Child Custody? Video

David Badanes concentrates in Matrimonial and Family Law with offices in Northport and Garden City.

Today’s straight talk: What are some important aspects to know about child custody?

If you are getting divorced and you have children, you may be concerned about child custody and how often you’re going to see your children after the divorce.

There are many examples of child custody, there is joint legal custody and sole custody. If you have joint legal custody, you have certain rights in determining what happens to your child when it comes to medical decisions, educational decisions, and other decisions that affect your child’s life. And that would be determined in the divorce. That determination will either be made by the judge or in your agreement that you make as part of your divorce.