“He is one of the best attorneys when it comes to divorce. I had very good experience with him going through my divorce. Fast and efficient!”

-Sal T.

“I met David in November 2015 and after talking with him, he gave me sound advice on how to proceed with filing a petition for divorce. With his guidance we navigated one of the most difficult times of my life. We talked about an affordable payment policy, and was able to file and secure divorce quite rapidly. Although additional court appearances were required due to my ex not playing nicely, David once again helped me to negotiate wisely. It was the toughest 3 1/2 years of my life; and with a child involved, we were able to secure a good final stipulation, win sole custody, secure child support, as well as marital property,, QDRO, and all documents necessary to rest all cases in our divorce. I am happy to have all this in the past now and move on with my new life. I am not certain that I would be this settled so fast had it not been for David. He always found time to talk, text or chat whenever I had questions. I recommend his services to anyone new to filing as well as those who cannot find a proper fit or quality legal representation.”

-Cathy B.

“Real stand up practice. Made the process with my case as easy as it could have been. Kept me informed the entire time of any changes or issues that needed my attention. I would recommend this practice to anyone looking for knowledgeable and honest service.”

-Kirk M.


“Helped me to collect on my patient’s past due accounts”

-G.C., N.Y., N.Y.

“I consulted David Badanes for legal counsel on matters of trademark and copyright. He promptly made himself available, spoke in plain English, was highly knowledgeable and quite reasonable in his fees. Quite a refreshing change from many of my previous experiences with attorneys!! This satisfied client recommends David for all of your legal needs.”

-A.S., New York, NY

“We were first time homebuyers with lots of questions and concerns. Mr. Badanes took the time to thoroughly explain the entire home purchasing process to us. He was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and we would recommend his law firm anytime.”

-J.C., Centereach

“We recently retained Mr. Badanes to represent us in the sale of our home and the purchase of another. Any time an issue arose: David Badanes quickly and effectively achieved an advantageous resolution for us. Hands down, the most competent attorney we have had the pleasure of working with. If anyone is seeking representation: look no further. Call David Badanes!”

-J.S. and A.S., Northport.

“Mr. Badanes was an excellent advocate in my child support case. He provided clear guidance and diligently represented my interests. He successfully resolved my custody dispute and was able to eliminate my child support obligation. I would recommend him without hesitation!”

-D.N., Central Islip, NY

“Thank you for the awesome job and service. I will recommend you to all.”

-G.S., Jamesport

“Excellent work on my Separation Agreement … extremely diligent and responsive.”

-K.N. Lindenhurst

“Mr. Badanes was always there when I was in need or had a question. I would highly recommend Mr. Badanes to anyone who needed legal help.”

-A.J. , Dix Hills

“My divorce mediation was handled very professionally by David Badanes. He made himself available when we needed to go over matters and was very reasonable with his fees. The whole process from beginning to end was explained in easy-to-understand terms. I would highly recommend Mr. Badanes for divorce mediation.”

-R.G., Northport

“provided great service in my divorce. I highly recommend him.”

-K.Z., Bethpage

“You are the best. I will recommend you to all.”

-G.S., Riverhead

“Mr. Badanes provides great service at a very reasonable price.”

-K.B., Northport

Mr. Badanes is a phenomenal attorney.”

-E.D., West Babylon

“I hired David Badanes to draft my pre-nuptial agreement. He did an excellent job. Throughout the process he explained everything to me in plain English. I highly recommend Mr. Badanes for anyone who needs an attorney.”

-C.A., Plainview.

“Mr. Badanes is a wonderful lawyer in every way from compassion to his extremely fair fees which did not compromise his performance what so ever. He always answered my email within minutes and his knowledge and attention to details always made me feel safe.”

-C.K., Baiting Hollow

“About ten years after my divorce both I and my ex discovered that a QDRO document detailing how my pension was to be divided had been improperly prepared back at the time of our split (handled by another lawyer). Because so many years had passed and because pension funds are not required to retain more than seven years of financial records for individuals, and because the pension itself had been redefined by the company, redoing the QDRO in a way that was fair to both was especially tricky. Experts in preparing QDROs in Florida who handle cases from all over the country confirmed that they had rarely seen such a screwed up situation. A seasoned veteran in another legal specialty here on Long Island recommended David Badanes. And although David claimed no special expertise in QDROs, he was careful and methodical. My problem took some time to fix, but it was ultimately resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. David’s diplomatic persistence paid off and, all told, his fees were more than reasonable.”

-D.V.B., Huntington, N.Y.

“Mr. David Badanes did an excellent job helping me achieve the results I wanted. He is very kind and knowledgable and takes a lot of pride in providing his best service. He kept me very informed throughout the entire process and he helped me out a lot. I highly recommend him.”


“I chose to engage David Badanes for my contested divorce because I felt comfortable with his availability and attention to detail. As the owner of a small business, I appreciated that I was always able to reach David and that I was dealing with him as the principal of his firm directly, as opposed to some junior partner or one member of a large roster of lawyers. I believe my divorce was likely as or more challenging than the average he’s encountered, but David provided me with quality guidance pre and post-trial and always zealously, but ethically, represented my interests.”


“David Badanes is an outstanding lawyer and extremely knowledgeable. His professionalism is exemplary and comforting. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal assistance.”


“Making the decision to end my long-term marriage was very difficult. It was important to me to find a lawyer who would not only provide accurate legal advice and competent representation, but also be available for meetings and responsive to my inquiries. I found Mr. Badanes to be all of the above. He did a very good job of explaining the process of divorce, what to expect and, where appropriate, he made suggestions for issues I hadn’t considered. Mr. Badanes expertise and commitment kept the legal aspects of filing for divorce on track which allowed me to focus on managing the emotional aspects of ending my marriage. With Mr. Badanes’s help, my spouse and I have managed to come to agreement on all issues and continue to maintain a very respectful relationship as we move forward with raising our children. I feel confident recommending Mr. Badanes to others for their legal needs.”

-E.K., Northport, NY

“David is an excellent divorce attorney. He is reliable, trustworthy and executes with speed. He successfully handled my divorce. He was able to make recommendations and suggestions and my case moved along fast with no issues. I have recommended David to others and will continue to do so.”


“Mr. David Badanes is a highly competent, knowledgeable and compassionate Counsel. He was recommended to me by another Counsel who felt that Mr. Badanes would be better suited to handle my divorce case due to some inherent complexities like long-term marriage, joint property, assets, retirement accounts and child custody and support issues. Mr. Badanes was very effective in negotiating a fair Settlement Agreement, instead of going to trial. He was extremely responsive and supportive throughout this arduous process. Even after my divorce was finalized, he responded promptly to any follow-up questions I had. I feel that I can count on him for his expertise and I highly recommend him without any reservations.”

-S.M., New Hyde Park, N.Y.

“David is very attentive and dedicated to the details of his clients matters. I always feel well taken care of with David Badanes by my side.”

-Mark W.

“Extremely professional and always takes great care of his clients. Badanes Law office is very punctual and they give excellent personal service.”

-Bruce V.

“Great experience. Very professional and attentive to all of my needs throughout.”

-Matthew Z.

“David, assisted me with a legal matter. Because of his experience and attention to detail, the result was quicker with a greater settlement than anticipated.”


“David Badanes handled my divorce and the writing of my will. He handled everything wonderfully. My divorce was fair and was completed very quickly. He is very professional and handled all the delicate issues with care and understanding. The entire process of divorce is upsetting, stressful and unsettling but Mr. Badanes always put me at ease and made the process much easier and everything ran very smoothly. I highly recommend David Badanes to anyone who needs his services.”

-J.L., Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

“Mr. Badanes addressed my legal questions in a very clear and efficient manner which greatly facilitated my understanding of the process. His guidance was extremely knowledgeable and grounding. Mr. Badanes made a very difficult situation manageable. I would highly recommend Mr. Badanes’s legal services.”

-Mary, Commack, NY

“I went to another lawyer for my divorce and was told it would take 6 months for it to be final. 3 years later, I decided enough was enough and went to David to take care of it. David told me the divorce was not filed properly the first time and that we would have to start over. We were told again it would be done in 6 months. His knowledge of the process gave us the comfort that this time it would be handled properly. After 6 months as promised, my divorce was final without issues. We are so pleased to have an attorney who delivered what he promised. David is very competent, and I would recommend him highly to friends or family without hesitation.”