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Below are some more mistakes that many clients make. For other mistakes, see my articles at: The Five Most Common Mistakes Clients Make and Five More Common Mistakes Clients Make

• Not paying child support. If there are children involved and you are the non-custodial parent, then you must pay child support. This is true, regardless of whether or not there is a formal court order requiring you to pay child support.

• Domestic violence. Clearly, you must not engage in any type of domestic violence.

• Verbal abuse (including cursing). Verbal abuse, including cursing at your spouse will not be tolerated by the Courts. In addition, you should assume that everything you are doing is either being recorded on audio tape, recorded on video tape, or is being photographed.

• Not keeping separate bank accounts: Once you know that you are getting divorced or separated, you must open a separate checking and separate savings accounts. You should open these accounts at a different bank (not just a different branch).

• Moving out of the house. Unless there is an order of protection against you, you should never move out of the house. There are many reasons why moving out of the house is a bad idea, especially if you have children. Even if you have to sleep on the couch, do not move out of the house.

• Introducing children to your new “significant other”: Before you are legally divorced, you want to be extremely careful about introducing your children to your new significant other. If possible, do not introduce your children to your new “friend.”

• Going on vacations or spending money on frivolous items: If you are trying to convince the Court that you have no money or that you need alimony (maintenance), then you cannot spend money on vacations or on frivolous items. Postpone any non-essential spending until the divorce is final.

• Trying to hide money or submitting inaccurate financial information. Do not try to hide money or submit incorrect financial information.

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