Incorporating Summer Plans into Your Divorce Agreements

The start of summer means the start of camps, pool play dates, beach days, vacations, barbecues and more. For a divorced family, this could also mean conflict, disagreement and clashing plans. Therefore, it is important to have a summer strategy in place within a divorce agreement to avoid serious issues later on. If you are going through a divorce or are considering a divorce, and you have children, you should think and plan for issues that summertime might bring.

Mr. David Badanes Esq. of Badanes Law Office on Long Island has shared advice on what divorced parents should include concerning summer in a divorce agreement.

  • Camp: Sending kids to summer camp is a popular choice for parents and kids everywhere. Whether kids attend day camp or sleepaway camp, this is a great option to fill the long summer days. Getting divorced should not change plans for a child attending camp. If your children typically attend summer camp, it is a good idea to continue this tradition. It is important to keep as much consistency in a child’s life as possible when a family goes through divorce. In many situations, a court may order you to continue sending your children to camp. Although your finances may be stretched thin, it is important to keep consistency a priority in your children’s lives. The parent who pays for camp will depend on the income of both parties. Camp is typically viewed as a substitute for childcare, and in those situations, payment is in proportion to your income (pro-rata).
  • Vacation: Summertime often equals vacation time, and your divorce agreement should allow time for a summer vacation with your children. In a typical agreement, you should have two weeks of vacation time with your children, but they may not be consecutive weeks. Where you go on vacation is up to you, but keep in mind that you may not be able to afford what you could prior to the divorce. You could always do some searching on the internet for vacation ideas within your budget.
  • “Staycation:” If you are unable to afford a vacation, you could always enjoy a “staycation,” and explore the fun areas of where you live. If you live here on Long Island, there are many options for an awesome “staycation” including the beach, New York City, museums, parks, and trips to Fire Island, Montauk, or the East End.

It is important to include summer plans in your divorce agreement. Remember to think about specifics for camp and vacations so you can avoid any issues after the divorce is final. As always, keep your children the priority and consider what is the best-case scenario for the children to have a fun summer, full of adventure, and quality time with both parents.

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