Are My Financial Assets from Pre-Marriage Safe from Divorce? Video

My name is David Badanes.  I concentrate in Matrimonial and Family Law with offices in Northport and Garden City.  Today, I am going to answer the following Question: Are my financial assets from pre-marriage safe from divorce?

If you’re getting divorced and you have a large sum of money or any type of money right before you get married and you kept that money separate from your spouse; in other words you kept it in a separate bank account and some other ways separate, that money will be yours even after the divorce.

So the important thing to remember is that the money you had prior to marriage as long as you kept it separate and segregated, it will be yours. The same goes for a house. If you own the house before you were married and kept the deed in your name and did not put your spouse on the deed, that house will be yours after the divorce.