While you are going through a divorce, you will be experiencing a great deal of financial stress. However, you want to keep your credit rating as positive as possible.

A good credit rating is important to obtaining a mortgage, lower interest rates, lower credit card rates, lower automobile loan interest and other lines of credit. Nowadays, insurance companies and potential employers also check your credit rating. Therefore, while going through a divorce it is important to keep paying your bills and to maintain your credit score rating.

If you have joint credit cards, then you should either cancel the card, remove your spouse as an authorized user, or have your spouse remove your name as an authorized user. If you have joint banking accounts, then you should open your own banking accounts.

After the divorce, many women decide to change their name. If you decide to change your name, then change it before you start applying for new credit cards, loans or any other type of credit. You also want to notify your existing creditors that you will be changing your name.

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