Long Island New York Attorney

The Badanes Law Office serves all of Long Island and New York City. We have the experience and the proven track record of success you are looking for from your Long Island Attorney.  We start by listening to your goals, so we understand how to best serve you.

The Badanes Law Office is here to serve you and your family. Please contact our Long Island Law Office to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Attorney.

Long Island New York Divorce Attorney

We recognize that each Long Island divorce is different and that each divorce requires different skills. For example, a spouse who is seeking an amicable divorce requires an experienced Long Island divorce attorney who can guide them through the process, in other situations, a spouse requires an aggressive attorney willing and able to fight for their rights. The Badanes Law Office recognizes and understands these differences and handles your divorce accordingly.  - More

Long Island New York Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested in Long Island, you may be facing significant jail time. You must seek immediate legal assistance from an experienced criminal defense trial attorney who will aggressively represent you. If you have been arrested and the police officer reads your rights or does not read your rights, the first thing you want to say is “I want to speak to my attorney” and you keep saying that you want to speak to your attorney. You do not have to answer any other questions. The police office may try to act as your friend, and try to get you to answer a lot of questions by asking you how the weather is, how your favorite sports team is doing, where were you tonight. Do not answer any questions. No matter how simple the question seems to be, you should keep saying “I want to talk to my attorney.” -More




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