For the most part, in New York, you do not have a choice of whether you can hire a private criminal defense attorney or a public defender. A public defender is only available for those people with limited income. However, if you have the choice, then there are several reasons why a private criminal defense attorney is a better choice than a public defender.

Most public defense attorneys have an enormous caseload and cannot focus on your individual matter. They just can’t put in the time and resources to your criminal matter that a private criminal defense attorney can. A private criminal defense attorney has a much lighter caseload and will spend the time with you to prepare for your case.

A private criminal defense attorney also has an incentive to obtain a better result for you. They know that if they obtain a better result, that you are more likely to refer them to your friends and family. A public defense attorney does not care if you refer them to other clients, they get their clients from the government.

If you do not believe you can afford a private criminal defense attorney, they may be able to offer a payment plan or creative ways on how to pay for their services.

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