Why Divorce Rates Skyrocket in the New Year

While couples may come to the decision to file for divorce at any point of the year, January is unofficially known as “Divorce Month,” and with good reason. The start of the new year often sparks an uptick in files for divorces, but why? Due to the complexities involved, there are some practical reasons why the new year is a popular time to file for divorce.

Mr. David Badanes Esq. of Badanes Law Office on Long Island shared his insight as to why divorce rates rise in the new year.

  • The Holidays. The months of November and December are filled with holidays and family time. Due to the holidays, people often want to put off filing for a divorce. Some couples also are holding out hope that the holidays will result in a rekindling of the marriage.  As a result, if a couple is thinking about getting a divorce, they likely won’t act during the holiday season. In addition, as fun as the holidays are, they also can be stressful, and families often don’t want to add more stress with the conversation about divorce. After the holidays are over, many people will feel like they can finally take action to start the divorce process.
  • New year, new you. The new year is the time of resolutions and making changes. Many people reevaluate their life at the beginning of the new year, which may prompt people to come to the decision that divorce is the best option for themselves and their family. Whether the motivation is to live up to a resolution to make the healthiest decisions for themselves or to have a fresh start for the whole family, the new year often is the time when these desires turn into action.
  • Tax reasons. When you’re married, you can file taxes jointly, but a divorce takes away this option. Sometimes, for very practical financial reasons, a couple may decide to wait until the new year to file for divorce in order to help the transition between this shift or to avoid financial problems.

There are many reasons people may wait to file for divorce until the new year. However, the most important reason to file for divorce is always because you believe it is the right decision for yourself and your family. While practical reasons may push back filing for divorce until January, it’s important to start the new year doing what is best for your family.

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