When Can I Start Dating If I’m Getting A Divorce?

During your divorce, you might want to start dating again.  If there are no children involved in your divorce, then whether or not you can start dating again is probably a moot point, as most Judges would not prevent you from dating again or even care if you are dating.

The issue of when you can start dating again, typically only matters when there are children involved. Since each divorce is different, there is no “right” answer as to when you can start dating again.  It is best to consult with your attorney on this issue.  However, if you want to start dating during your divorce, here are some of the issues you should consider:

  1. The Relationship with Your Children: Dating during your divorce may have a negative effect on your children and your relationship with them. Your children may rebel against your new “significant other.”  One thing you should never do is allow your children to call your new boyfriend/girlfriend “daddy” or “mommy”.  If you do decide to date, then it is probably best not to have your significant other and your children at the same time.  Your dates should be separate from the time you have your children.  You should not invite your boyfriend/girlfriend to your children’s events.
  2. Your Personal Emotional Health: A divorce is a major change in your life. Entering into a new romantic relationship may not be the best thing for your own personal emotional health.
  3. Impact on Custody and Child Support: If you decide to live with your new significant other, this could have an adverse consequence on the amount of child support you pay (or receive) and also child custody. Living with your new significant other may affect the level of child support you will eventually receive because you are living with another person and sharing expenses.
  4. You Should Focus on your Divorce: Divorces can be time consuming, exhausting, and difficult. It is important to focus the majority of your time and attention on your divorce so you can be fully prepared and focus on the goals you have and the eventual outcome of your divorce.
  5. Difficulty in Reaching a Settlement: If either spouse starts to date before the divorce is final, it could make it more difficult to reach a settlement. The non-dating spouse may become jealous or spiteful and be less open to negotiation. It is a better idea to hold off on dating until a settlement is reach or an agreement is signed.

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