The Top 10 Sneakiest Things People Do During A Divorce

Sometimes, a divorce will bring out the worse in somebody. They will do anything in an attempt to make their soon-to-be ex miserable. Below are the top ten sneakiest things that some people do during a divorce. Although, they will try these “sneaky” tactics, they rarely succeed and there are ways to make sure that you are protected.

In no particular order, here are the ten sneakiest things:

  • Hiding Assets: Your spouse may have assets that you don’t know about (jewelry, stocks, hidden money). They will try to hide those assets by giving them to their family or friends.
  • Increasing Credit Card Debt: Your spouse may increase credit card debt, hoping that you will have to pay 50% of that debt.
  • Stealing Assets: This is a version of hiding assets. Your spouse may start to take your jewelry or other assets and “steal” them, by placing those assets in their family or relative’s hands. At first, you might not notice that necklace etc. is missing.
  • Reducing Income: If your spouse is able to reduce their income by not working overtime or by working less hours, they may all of a sudden reduce the amount of income they can earn.
  • Entering into “Secret” Agreements: Your spouse may enter into contracts that purport to sell their business or other assets. They may try to keep these contracts a secret until after the divorce.
  • Sudden interest in the children: In an attempt to obtain child custody, a spouse may all of a sudden have an interest in increasing their time with the children.
  • False allegations of child abuse: Unfortunately, this is one of the most used “sneaky” tactics. One parent will make false allegations of abuse against the other parent.
  • False Domestic Violence allegations: Similarly, one spouse may make false allegations of domestic violence against the other spouse.
  • False allegations of Drug Use: A spouse may falsely accuse the other spouse of illegal use of drugs and/or alcohol. Although, this can be easily rebutted, the allegations may still linger in the Court’s mind.
  • Pretending to be sick or ill: In order to delay the Court’s proceedings, one spouse may pretend to be ill.

There are many strategies you can use to counteract a spouse’s sneaky tactics. They are too voluminous to review in this blog.  It is best that you discuss these issues with your divorce attorney. It is rare for any of these sneaky tactics to actually work.

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