By David P. Badanes, Esq

Your divorce is over and you and your ex-spouse want to co-parent your children. Co-Parenting generally involves situations where the two parents cooperate in the upbringing and raising of their children. Parents who co-parent realize, that although they are divorced, the children still have two parents and the children are entitled to love both parents. Even when the divorce was stressful and difficult, parents sometimes find that they can overcome their differences and co-parent their children.

The Three Tips are:

#1: Need for cooperation and compromise. There will be numerous situations where the two parents will have to make a joint decision for their children. By approaching these situations in a spirit of cooperation and compromise, instead of “win at all cost”, will result in a better outcome for your children.

#2: Remaining civil with each other. Your children are very observant and know when the parents are fighting, even when it is not in front of the children. Each time you interact with the other parent, it is important to remain respectful and civil in your tone and affect. Of course, you should never state any derogatory remarks about the other parent.

#3: Flexibility. In regards to your parenting time schedule, each parent should be flexible in deviating from the schedule. If, there is a reasonable request to change the schedule, then each parent should be flexible in changing the schedule.

If you are having trouble in co-parenting, seeking out a therapist or mental health professional will be helpful.

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