Can I Reduce My Payment of Spousal Maintenance Due to Unemployment? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., an experienced divorce attorney on Long Island, New York.

Can I reduce my payment of spousal maintenance due to unemployment?

In New York State, if you are paying spousal maintenance and you lose your job or your income becomes less, you may ask yourself, “Can I pay less in spousal maintenance?” You have to seek the advice of an experienced Long Island divorce attorney.

It can be very difficult to pay less in spousal maintenance, however, it can be possible. You have to show your income becomes reduced or you lost your job, not because of your fault but because they are hiring fewer people or reducing their employment.

You also have to show that you are trying to get a new job and also trying to replace the income that you lost. That’s something that your attorney will show you how to prove.