Can I Reduce My Child Support Payment Due to Unemployment? Video

Thank you for joining me. My name is David Badanes. I concentrate in Matrimonial and Family Law, with offices in Northport and Garden City. Today, I am going to answer the following question: Can I reduce my child support payment due to unemployment?

If you have a child support order and you lose your job or your income gets reduced. You may ask, can your child support obligation be reduced? The answer is maybe. You have to prove two things. One, that you lose your job not due to your own fault but that the company was laying off you and maybe some other people not due to your own fault. Second hurdle, you have to show that you’re actively looking for employment and to replace the income you have.

So just because you lost your job or have reduced income does not automatically mean that your child support obligation will be reduced. You have to prove to the court that you should be paying less in child support.

You must see an experienced Long Island attorney if you lose your job and you’re paying child support and you want to pay less. You cannot just simply do it on your own and pay less child support because you lost your job or your income get reduced.