Halloween Trick Or Treat Tips For A Divorced Parent

After divorce, it is no longer a given that parents will spend holidays together with their children. Holidays are often split between parents, either by year or by day, which is a big change for everyone involved. With Halloween approaching, newly divorced parents may be wondering how trick or treating with their children will look for them. Thankfully, there are great options for divorced parents to consider so they can still spend Halloween with their children, and ensure their kids are having as much fun as they would in years prior.

Mr. David Badanes Esq. of Badanes Law Office on Long Island shared his suggestions of the best options for divorced families wanting to celebrate Halloween.

Trick or treat together. Even after divorce, some parents choose to spend holidays together with their kids. This is a great option for Halloween, as it is easy to go trick or treating together. However, this option is not for everyone—for some divorced parents, it is best to celebrate separately. If there is still tension or resentment involved, trick or treating together may make things worse. Kids are smart and if negative feelings are involved, they will likely pick up on it.

Split up the route. Another great option is to split up the trick or treat route between parents. One parent can take the first half and the other parent can take the second half. This option doesn’t disrupt the child’s fun, but still gives each parent an opportunity to trick or treat with their child.

Go to an event. While trick or treating is the most common way to celebrate Halloween, it is not the only way. Many businesses, churches, or organizations put on Halloween festivals with candy, crafts, bounce houses, slides and more. These events are typically earlier than trick or treating time, so this is a great way for a divorced parent to have fun with their kid on Halloween without taking away from trick or treating. With this option, kids can have different types of fun with different parents.

Make new traditions. It’s important for kids to know they will still have fun times after their parents go through a divorce. Kids should have things to look forward to, since all the traditions they know will look different. Thankfully, the fall season brings many opportunities to start new traditions, even beyond Halloween. This time of year, is a great time for pumpkin picking, apple picking, fall festivals, hay rides, haunted houses and more! Divorced parents have many opportunities to make new memories and traditions with their kids in the fall season.

Holidays don’t have to be complicated for divorced parents if they prioritize the children above their own desires. Most of the time parents don’t get their ideal situation for holidays after divorce, but there are a number of options that appeal to both children and adults.

It’s up to you to decide which option for Halloween is best for your family. If you’re having trouble with your Halloween plans and would like some advice, reach out to David Badanes. He will use his extensive experience working with divorce situations to help you make the best decision.

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