David P. Badanes, Esq.

Not every divorce has to be a war.  Even if you and your spouse have both hired an attorney to guide you through the legal aspects of a divorce, your divorce can still be amicable.  Here are five tips to try to keep your divorce as an amicable divorce.

  1. Communication.  Honest communication between you and your soon to be ex-spouse can help to keep your divorce from exploding out of hand.
  2. Children come first.  If you have children, then make sure that they still come first.  Do not get your children involved in your divorce.  If your children are involved in extra-curricular activities or sport activities, then both parents should be invited and allowed to participate in these activities.
  3. Think of your divorce as a business deal.  Many clients are used to making important business decisions.  When making business decisions, it is usually easy to keep the emotional aspects out of the decision making process.  In a business deal, it is all about how both sides can “make a deal”.  Except for decisions involving your children, virtually every other decision involved in a divorce can be seen as a business deal.  If you approach those aspects of your divorce as a business decision, this will help to keep the emotional aspects out of the divorce.
  4. Keep an open mind.  Do not approach your divorce with a closed mind and an attitude of “that so-and-so will never get X”.
  5. Listen to your attorney, not to your relatives, friends or co-workers.  Although, they mean well, your relatives, friends and co-workers will often give bad advice.

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