Five Things To Do Before Filing For A Divorce (In New York)

DivorceIf you are considering getting divorced, clearly this is not an easy decision and should be made carefully and with a plan in mind. Here are five things (and one bonus) to do before filing for a divorce in New York State:

1. Obtain copies of your financial statements. You will need copies of your recent tax returns, bank statements, investment statements, insurance statements, deeds, wills etc. You should make at least two copies of these financial statements and have them ready for your attorney.

2. Child custody and child support payments. If you have children, you need to decide what type of custody you want after the divorce and how much time you want with your children. If you want to obtain custody, then you should evaluate the pros and cons of why a court should grant you custody. If you will be paying child support, make sure you factor this into your post-divorce financial situation.

3. Living situation. Obviously, after the divorce, you and your spouse will be living in separate residences. If you will need to obtain a new residence, you should research the market and determine how much it will cost you. If you will be remaining in the residence, you will have one less income and one less person to help with the household chores.

4. Prepare a budget. You should prepare a detail budget, knowing that your spouse will no longer be contributing any income.

5. Keep a log/diary. If you have children, you should start keeping a log/diary of your interactions (and your spouse’s interactions) with the children. A log/diary can be useful evidence to help you obtain custody.

6. Support system. Most divorces will put a strain on you. It is important to have a support system in place before you start the process.

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