Inviting Visitors and Guests At Your House During A Divorce

You and your spouse own the house you live in together or you own the house by yourself.  A frequent issue is whether or not you (or your spouse) can invite visitors or guests at your house – without your permission.  The short answer is “yes”.

An owner of a house can invite visitors or guests to come into their house.  In legal terms, this person is known as an “invitee”.  As an owner, you have the right to force the invitee to leave.  However, when there are co-owners of a home, each person has the right to allow an invitee to remain in the house.

Therefore, in a divorce, one spouse can invite someone into the house, and the other spouse cannot force that person to leave (or not to come into the house at all).  However, if the invitee is causing damage or is engaged in any type of illegal activities (violence, drugs), then you can call the police to have the person removed.

Accordingly, for the most part, you or your spouse can have a visitor/guest come into the house, with or without the other spouse’s permission.  Despite this, you may be able to seek a Court Order preventing certain visitors or certain guests from entering the house.

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