As your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney we will guide you throughout the whole process.

Here are the General Steps of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

#1: Meet with the Badanes Law Office.
We will explain the process in more detail.

#2: Gather all of your financial documents.
We need to show the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee your financial condition.

#3:  You have to complete a credit counseling class.
This can be done online.

#4:  We will file your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition.
Once we have all of your financial information, we can file your petition.

#5:  The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Court will assign a Trustee and schedule a “341” meeting.
The Trustee is usually an attorney hired by the court.

#6:  The “341” meeting
We attend the 341 meeting with you.  This is a meeting with the Trustee where the creditors can also attend.  The purpose of this meeting is to see what debts can be discharged in full and what if anything can be repaid to the creditors.

#7:  After the “341” meeting – Complete another financial management course
Once all the 341 meeting is completed and the Trustee determines what will happen to your debt, you will need to complete another online class.

#8:  Your eligible debts are “discharged.”
The Trustee will issue an Order where your eligible debts are discharged (forgiven, “wiped out”).  That Order goes to all the relevant creditors.

#9:  Your bankruptcy case is done.