What The Solar Eclipse Teaches Us About Child Custody

On August 21, 2017, the United States will experience a total solar eclipse. This is the first total solar eclipse to occur for the entire continental United States in over one hundred years. How does that relate to child custody?

In a divorce, the parents will divide their time with their children for weekends, holidays and vacations. Yet, there are certain events that no one can predict or will be included in a divorce agreement. I can safely say that before today, there are no divorce agreements that will tell the parents how to handle a solar eclipse.

I have heard that some parents are having solar eclipse parties and certainly many parents are taking their children outdoors and viewing (safely) the solar eclipse. However, most likely some divorced parents will not have the opportunity to celebrate the solar eclipse with their children.

Unfortunately, life has many unplanned and unpredictable events. The solar eclipse teaches us that no matter how detailed your divorce agreement may be, there will be events that are not covered. Hopefully, the divorced parents can discuss how to handle these events, and keep the children’s best interests in mind. Yet, it is clear that some divorced parents will not be able to compromise or work out these types of events.

Although, no divorce agreement can have contingencies for every event, it is a good idea that your child custody agreement addresses the following somewhat common events: weddings (your own, close family members), religious events (communions, bar mitzvahs, etc.), grandparent anniversaries, funerals, and graduations). It is also a good idea to have a catch-all, which would cover any “special event”.

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