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Here are three more things you should know about divorce.

  1. You will not be 100% right.  No one is perfect.  Therefore, in your case, you will not be 100% right.  Your spouse knows this and will try to exploit it.  You also need to recognize that you will not always be right and that there are two sides to every situation.  For example, it is common that one party will claim that the other spouse is “cursing and yelling at them”, and then two minutes later that other spouse will claim that you are also “cursing and yelling at them” or doing something equally bad.
  1. Do not be ashamed to tell your attorney everything.  Your attorney needs to know everything, including, facts and events that you may be ashamed about.  In this way, your attorney can be best prepared and be able to represent you in the best manner possible.
  1. Do not allow emotions to rule you.  Divorce is a very emotional time.  However, you need to keep a level head and judge your options accordingly.  Don’t try to “get even” with your spouse or do something “on principle”.  Some people find it helpful to treat their divorce like a business deal, that is, without emotion.  In those cases, they usually end up with a better outcome then the cases where the party is ruled by his/her emotions.

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