Five Reasons Why You Should Not Wait To Start Your Divorce

The decision to get a divorce is never an easy one. As many Judges tell me: “No one gets Married thinking they will get Divorced.” Although, you may know that your marriage is “over”, yet, you may be reluctant to start your divorce. Here are five reasons why you should not wait to start your divorce:

  1. Alimony/Maintenance: If there is going to be alimony (now called spousal maintenance), then the longer you are married, the longer you may have to pay alimony.
  2. Marital Assets: Until you start your divorce, every asset and money you earn is typically going to be considered marital property. The sooner you start your divorce, the sooner that you cut-off your spouse getting half of your assets.
  3. Debts: The flip side of marital assets is marital debt. In general terms, any debt that is accumulated before the commencement of the divorce is considered marital debt and you could be required to pay half of that debt. So, if your spouse is accumulating marital debt, then the sooner you start your divorce, the sooner you can stop being held responsible for that debt.
  4. Children: If you have children, staying “unhappily married” or in a “toxic home” will have negative effects on your children. As difficult as a divorce may be for the children, living in a household where the parents are always fighting or the tensions are high are usually worse for the children.
  5. Domestic Violence: If there is domestic violence, clearly you should not wait to start the divorce process.

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