Can You Date Before The Divorce is Final?

Unless there is a specific Court Order stating that you cannot date before your divorce is final, you can date someone while the divorce is pending and before your divorce is final.

Although you are typically allowed to date, most Judges do not want you to have your new paramour introduced to any of the parties’ children. This means that you should not have dinner with your children and your new boyfriend/girlfriend. In general terms, you should not be spending time with your new boyfriend or girlfriend and with your children.

Furthermore, you should not be spending marital assets on the new boyfriend/girlfriend. This means that if you still have a joint bank account with your spouse, you should not be withdrawing monies from that account and then spending it on your new boyfriend/girlfriend.

You should also refrain from taking your new boyfriend/girlfriend on any vacations or on spending any exorbitant amount of monies on the new paramour.

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