David P. Badanes, Esq.

I have previously written about what factors a Court will use in determining whether you or your ex-spouse can relocate out of state (see article: Relocation After Divorce )

Assuming that you or your ex-spouse is allowed to relocate, Judges are frequently ordering the parties to use Skype to stay in contact with their children. In those cases, the Court may order the person who is moving to use Skype or they may order the person who is opposing the move to use Skype. In either case, Judges now recognize that new technologies may help in keeping parents and their children in contact with each other.

If you or your ex-spouse is thinking of relocating out of state, you need an attorney who can help you. David Badanes has helped several clients in these situations. If you live in Long Island, Suffolk County or Nassau County, call David Badanes and the Badanes Law Office today at 631-239-1702, email at david@dbnylaw.com or visit our web site: www.dbnylaw.com. The Badanes Law Office has offices in Northport and Garden City.

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