If you are getting divorced, everything you say, text (on your cell phone), write on Facebook, send or receive in an email, tell your children, your soon to be ex-spouse, is subject to being introduced as evidence against you at trial.  Accordingly, you want to be extremely careful what you say and what you write.

Provided your spouse is on the conversation, your telephone conversations with your spouse can also be introduced as evidence.  In addition, your spouse is allowed to record any conversation he/she has with you.

Therefore, when you are getting divorced, you have very little privacy.  Unfortunately, you will need to monitor everything you say and write, or else, it could come back to haunt you.  While you are getting divorce, you should never bad-mouth your spouse and you should act as if you are always being taped or filmed.  As one of my clients puts it, you have to act as a “Mother Theresa Nun.”

There is one  exception, any communications with your attorney, no matter through what means, will most likely be held to be subject to the attorney-client privilege and cannot be entered into evidence.

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