What You Should and Should Not Do On Dating Apps During Divorce

On June 30th we recognize an innovation that has changed society and the lives of everyone: World Social Media Day. Social media has redefined our lives and habits for better or worse, depending on the way you look at it. At the very least, social media is complicated. So, when you introduce an already complicated thing, social media, to an even more complicated thing, divorce, the consequences can be significant.

Mr. David Badanes Esq. of Badanes Law Office on Long Island has shared advice on how to navigate social media, specifically dating apps, during a divorce.

Dating App Information is Public: There are dozens of dating apps you could use, but no matter what, your information on the app is public. Anything on your profile could be used against you in your divorce, so think twice before you hit the post button.

Be Careful with Who You Meet: Dating apps are tricky and the person you meet on a dating app may not be completely truthful, so be careful when you meet with them. And be especially careful with introducing people you meet on a dating app to your children.

Don’t Spend a Lot of Money on Dating Apps: If you spend significant sums of money on a dating app and/or on dates, it is difficult for you to claim you have no extra money during divorce negotiations.

Make Sure Dating Isn’t Taking Up Too Much Time: Dating by itself is not something the court would be concerned about, but a court will be concerned if you are spending more time on dating apps or on dating in general than you are with your kids.

When in Doubt, Just Wait: In general, it is best not to date during a divorce for the sake of your kids, mental health and negotiations. This includes using dating apps, so it might be better for you to wait to download the app until after the divorce is finalized.

In many ways social media is helpful and fun, but when it comes to a divorce, social media and dating apps may just complicate things even more. Keep this in mind with the things you post and the apps you download if you are in the process of a divorce.

David Badanes, Esq. and the Badanes Law Office, P.C. provides real-world advice to help you through this challenging time. If you are contemplating getting a divorce, and need an attorney to represent you, call David Badanes and the Badanes Law Office today at 631-239-1702 or email at david@dbnylaw.com. The Badanes Law Office has offices in Northport, Suffolk County and Uniondale, Nassau County.


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