Retroactive Child Support In New York

You are eligible for retroactive child support for the period of time from the date that you file a petition (request) for child support until the time the Court issues an Order for child support.  It is important to note, that you MUST file a petition, summons or some formal request with the court system in order to receive retroactive child support.

You will not be able to receive retroactive child support for any period of time prior to the date that you file your petition.  So, in other words, if the other parent and you have separated, but, you have not file a petition for child support, then you will not be eligible for child support for the time between separation and the time that you filed your petition.

This is why it is important to file a petition for child support as soon as you are separated.  If you are married, you can file for child support without filing for divorce.  Even if you believe that you will eventually file for divorce, you can first file for child support and then file for divorce.

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