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While going through a divorce is it acceptable to date someone? The answer is that, dating while you are going through a divorce, will probably make little or no difference in the outcome of your divorce. However, you have to be careful in spending money on your new boyfriend/girlfriend and in how your new significant other affects your children.

If you have no children, then a court will most likely not care at all if you date someone while going through a divorce. One exception would be if your new boyfriend/girlfriend was threatening your spouse.

If you have children, then a court may consider your new boyfriend/girlfriend to be an issue, but, only as it affects your children. For example, you should not have your new boyfriend/girlfriend sleep over while your children are with you. In contrast, having dinner or going out with your boyfriend/girlfriend and your children will most likely not affect your case in the eyes of the court.

Regardless of whether you have children or not, if you spend marital assets on your boyfriend/girlfriend that will be considered by the court. Furthermore, if you are spending any monies on your boyfriend/girlfriend, then it is difficult to claim that you have “no money” and that you can’t afford to pay your ex-spouse child support or spousal maintenance.

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