By David P. Badanes, Esq.
Are you thinking of getting divorced or separated? Do you think that your spouse is thinking of getting divorced or separated? There are many steps you should do before you start the divorce or separation process. One of them is to make a video of the contents of your home. In many divorces, a spouse will often complain that the other spouse has sold, thrown out or hidden some items (furniture, art, jewelry, tools, etc.) in the house. Without actual proof that the item actually existed or the condition of the item, you may never be able to recover the item or be adequately compensated for its value.
You should use a good video camera, however, if you do not have one, many cell phones now have a videotaping feature. Although it is not recommended, a “poor quality” video is better than no video.
When taking the video, you want to do it very slowly and narrate what the item is. At the beginning of the video, you should state the exact date. You want to make sure you video everything in the home, garage, sheds, and outdoors. If there are items in drawers, jewelry boxes or safes, make sure you video those as well. Make sure you include art pieces, furniture, jewelry, tools, and appliances.
If you own a second home or have items in a storage location, make sure you videotape those locations as well.
Once the video is completed, make sure you actually watch the video and that it is clear. Make a copy of the video. Store the copy in a separate location from the original.
When you hire your attorney, you should give the attorney the video. If necessary, an experienced Divorce Attorney will be able to use your video to protect your rights.
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