There are numerous cell phone applications for couples going through a divorce or to help them in post-divorce issues. The following is a list of some cell phone applications; all prices are valid as of March 2013. No warranty or representation is made concerning the cell phone applications:

• Custody Connection (Free): Creates and manages child custody calendars. Share events with your ex-spouse. Ability to trade days.

• Our Family Wizard (Free): Creates and manages child custody calendars and events. Ability to organize medical, school and other records.

• Shared Calendar 2 (Free): Help in managing your children’s schedule. Has a full audit trail.

• Men’s Divorce Source 3.0 (Free): Helps you to set goals. Links to over 3,000 family law articles. Has over 5,000 “ask a lawyer: questions answered.

• Kidganizer ($1.99): Helps you to organize your children’s schedules. Follow expenses and take picture of receipts. Has an alert system to remind you of important events.

• Co-Parenting ($1.99): Helps parents in shared parenting situations.

There are several other cell phone applications you can find.
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