You probably have heard the term “hit and run”, but, what may not know exactly what that means and what criminal charges you could be facing if convicted of this criminal charge.  In New York State, any person operating a motor vehicle (car, motorcycle etc.) and then leaving the scene of an accident is colloquially known as a “hit and run”.  When operating a motor vehicle, if you are involved in an accident, you are required by law to stay at the scene of the accident, even if the accident only caused property damage.

If there was only property damage, you are still required to give your name, address and insurance information to the person who sustained the property damage.  If you fail to do so and leave the scene of the accident, then you could be charged with a misdemeanor which carries a potential sentence of 15 days in jail and up to $250.00 in fines.

If the accident caused injury to someone and you left the scene, then you could be facing a serious felony charge with a potential sentence of seven years and up to $5,000.00 in fines.

If you are operating a motor vehicle, you must stay at the scene, call the police and give your identification.  However, if you are charged with a “hit and run” crime (leaving the scene of an accident), then you may have valid defenses.  For example, perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity or someone else was driving your car.

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