What the Jon and Kate Gosselin Custody Battle Teaches Us

It has been reported that Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin are still locked in a custody battle, which has been going on for over 10 years. The Gosselins were in the hit TLC series, “Jon & Kate Plus 8”, which was about their life with two twins (now 18 years old) and their sextuplets (now 14 years old).

The couple divorced in 2009, yet, to this day, Jon reports that he and Kate no longer communicate, except through their attorneys.

What can their custody battle teach us?

Unfortunately, even years after a divorce, some former married couples still will not communicate. This typically only serves to hurt the children, and the children’s relationship with their parents.

What may help these couples are a couple of ideas:

    1. Use of “Family Wizard” or other communication program. There is a well-known program called Family Wizard. This program helps communication between parents as it logs and records all communications between the parents. With this program, one party can no longer claim that the other party did not send a text (or email), sent a text with all curse words, or simply did not respond to their text. The program also solves the problem of text messages getting deleted or lost.
    2. Going to Family Therapy. Using a family therapist who is familiar with post-divorce issues can be helpful. The therapist is not there to “take sides”, but, to help the parents communicate.
    3. Non-communication will hurt you in court. If either parent does go back to Court to change custody, then the issue of non-communication will hurt you in court. One of the main factors in custody, is cooperation with the other parent. If you go into court and “blame” the other party for not communicating with you, the Court typically sees this as a “two-way street”. The Court wants to see that you went above and beyond in trying to communicate and cooperate with the other parent.

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Five Things You Should Not Do In A Child Custody Battle

If you are seeking custody of your child and are involved in a child custody dispute (battle), there are some things you can do to help you and some things you should not do.

Here are five things you SHOULD NOT do in a Child Custody battle.

  1. Using your child as a pawn. Do not use your child as a “pawn” in the battle. For example, despite what your ex may be doing, he/she still has a right to see the child and have parenting time with the child. Typically, the only time you should withhold the child from the other parent, is if there is an Order of Protection, the child is very sick, or for some other emergency reason.
  2. Making false accusations. If you make a false accusation, against the other parent, this will seriously hurt your chances of gaining custody. The courts will not tolerate false accusations and this can be the only reason for a court to deny you custody.
  3. Not communicating with the other parent. In a divorce, or a child custody situation, it takes two parents to parent the child. You will need to communicate with the other parent. If you fail to communicate, the court can view you as hindering the other parent’s ability to parent.
  4. Stating negative things about the other parent. Whether it is on Facebook or other social media sites, or worse yet, to the child, you should not state anything negative about the other parent. If the other parent can show that you have posted negative information about him/her (even if true) or have stated negative information about him/her to the child, the court will hold this against you.
  5. Not paying child support. Although, technically, the Court is not supposed to use the payment or non-payment of child support against you, Judges are human. The failure of not paying child support, will be looked upon as a negative factor.

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