What Are Some Common Myths About Divorce? Video

Straight talk with David Badanes, Esq., a top rated divorce attorney on Long Island, NY.

What are some common myths about divorce?

If you are getting divorced in New York State, there are many common myths that most people believe. However, these myths, like any other myths are untrue.

In New York State, you have to pay child support up until 21. Many people believe that it is only up to 18. However again, in New York State, it’s up to 21 years old of age.

Another common myth is that if your child is in college, you do not have to pay for child support. You may have to pay both for college and for child support in New York State. Your child support obligation may be reduced because the child is going to college however you still have to pay for it.

Another common myth is that if you go to court, and the judge hears your side of story that you are going to win the case. However, the judge does not really get to hear your side of the story until trial. You do not get to speak to the judge until there is a trial. And at trial, it’s in a question and answer format. So the judge again doesn’t really get to hear your side of story.

Another very common myth is if the house is in my name only, the deed is in my name then my spouse doesn’t own it. If you bought the house after marriage and for some reason only put the deed in your name the house still is a marital property and both belong to you and your spouse.

These are common myths about divorce that you may believe in however they are untrue.