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Financial Considerations for Divorce in the New Year

Many people view the new year as a fresh start. For some this means coming to the realization that divorce is the best decision for their family and themselves. This new change can be positive for both individuals, especially if kids are involved, and might be what the family needs to start the new year […]

Why Divorce Rates Skyrocket in the New Year

While couples may come to the decision to file for divorce at any point of the year, January is unofficially known as “Divorce Month,” and with good reason. The start of the new year often sparks an uptick in files for divorces, but why? Due to the complexities involved, there are some practical reasons why […]

Universal Children’s Day: Tips to Help Kids Cope with Divorce

November 20th is Universal Children’s Day, a time dedicated to improving the welfare of all children. When two parents get divorced, children must transition into a new lifestyle as several aspects of their living situation are changed. Not seeing both parents all the time or having to split time spent with both of them may […]

A Parent’s Guide to Managing Divorce During the Holidays

Whether parents are in the process of finalizing a divorce or have recently gotten divorced, it is no longer assumed that they will spend holidays together with their children. With Thanksgiving approaching, divorced parents who are new to co-parenting may be wondering how to manage family holidays with their children. There are several options and […]

Child Support: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

When considering child support, what you don’t know can hurt you. Most people know that if they are the residential custodial parent – which basically means the parent who has the child or children more of the time than the other parent – then they are entitled to receive child support. What they may not […]

5 Things To Know About Protecting Your Privacy During A Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, many changes will occur.  One thing that should not be overlooked is your privacy.  The following are five things you should do to protect your privacy during the divorce process. #1: You need to change your online passwords:  Your spouse may know your passwords or have a good […]

Child Support Extended For Special Needs Children

New York has now passed a new law that allows a parent of a Special Needs child to petition the Court to extend child support until the child turns 26 years old.  Prior to this new law, child support was only available to all children, regardless of whether they had special needs, up to the […]

Halloween Trick Or Treat Tips For A Divorced Parent

After divorce, it is no longer a given that parents will spend holidays together with their children. Holidays are often split between parents, either by year or by day, which is a big change for everyone involved. With Halloween approaching, newly divorced parents may be wondering how trick or treating with their children will look […]

Celebrity Divorce Horror Stories And What We Can Learn from Them

Nowadays, very few people are surprised when they hear of another divorced celebrity couple.  Not only is divorce common among celebrity marriages, but often the split is messy. Since celebrities have such a large following, the public is often very familiar with their chaotic, bitter, and emotional divorces. As ordinary people, we often view celebrities […]

National Stepfamily Day

September 16, 2021 marks the 25th annual day of recognition for an important type of family: National Stepfamily Day. Stepfamilies, or blended families, are becoming more common every year. Many divorced individuals end up with blended families, so it is important to counteract the negative stigma associated with stepfamilies. These negative stereotypes do not accurately […]