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National Law Day (May 1st) and What It Means for Your Divorce

In 1958, President Eisenhower declared May 1st to be Law Day in the United States. Although it is not an officially recognized government holiday, it is a day to celebrate law universally and spend time discussing how the law is meant to protect the people. In many cases, people are unaware about the many laws […]

Why April 22nd Is Special To Me

For most, April 22nd is National Earth Day, but for myself, this date has extra significance as it happens to be my late Father’s birthday. Every year on this day I’m reminded of the lessons I learned from him and take with me to this day. It’s an honor to share and reflect on the […]

Earth Day: Can Your Divorce Be Good for The Environment

The divorce process is most notably recognized as one that takes a severe emotional and financial toll on the individuals involved. However, most people involved in the process are not aware that divorce can also take a toll on the environment. With Earth Day around the corner, it’s a great idea to reflect on all […]

What Is Temporary or Pendente Lite Child Support and Other Temporary Rulings In A Divorce?

You may have heard the term “pendente lite” child support or “pendente lite” spousal maintenance.  What do those terms mean? Since a divorce can take months and sometimes years, before the Court makes a final ruling on your divorce, the Court may make other decisions or rulings while the divorce is pending. The term “pendente […]

While Your Divorce Is Pending, Should You Live Together Or Apart?

Either you or your spouse has filed for a divorce, one of the next decisions you might face is whether to continue living together or should you live separately.  Here are some of the issues to consider when making that decision. Is there domestic violence?  If the answer is yes, then the Court may issue […]

What Are Motions In A Divorce

While your divorce is in the Court system and before the divorce is finalized, there might be several issues that need to be addressed.  In many divorces, the following issues might need resolution: temporary child support, temporary child custody, temporary spousal maintenance, attorney fees and use of the marital residence.  If the parties cannot agree […]

6 Ways To Save Money While Going Through A Divorce

If you are getting divorced, most likely your financial situation will be negatively impacted, especially while the divorce is going through the court process. If you want to save money, the first thing you will need is a separate bank account to put any saved money into. The next thing to do is to have […]

Who Gets The House In A Divorce?

You and your spouse are getting divorced and you own a house.  Who gets to own the house after the divorce? Neither spouse has “better” rights to the house.  However, there are a few factors that may decide who gets to live in the house, before it is owned by either party. Children:  If you […]

When Can I Start Dating If I’m Getting A Divorce?

During your divorce, you might want to start dating again.  If there are no children involved in your divorce, then whether or not you can start dating again is probably a moot point, as most Judges would not prevent you from dating again or even care if you are dating. The issue of when you […]

In New York: What Is The Difference Between Supreme Court And Family Court

In New York, there are several layers and several different types of Courts.  This article will give an explanation of the differences between Supreme Court and Family Court. Supreme Court:  Unlike many other States and unlike the Federal Government, in New York, the Supreme Courts are not the highest Courts.  Instead, New York Supreme Courts […]