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Need a divorce attorney in Commack, NY? When it comes to divorce, you need a divorce attorney who understands the entire process and can adapt to your unique situation.  David Badanes, Esq. is recognized as a top divorce lawyer in the Commack area and surrounding neighborhoods in Suffolk County.

Divorce in Commack, NY

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If you or your spouse live in Commack, N.Y., then most likely you own a home. If you have children, you probably want your children to remain in the Commack School District. Although, each divorce is different, these are very common issues that the Badanes Law Office can help you with.

The Badanes Law Office is located in Northport on Route 25A (near McDonalds) a short 5 – 10 minute ride from most of Commack. In addition, the Badanes Law Office is very technologically savvy so we can meet with you via Zoom or Facetime.

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How the Badanes Law Office Can Help

When it comes to getting a divorce, there are certain aspects that are important to understand.  You’ll need to consider how you and your spouse will divide and split join assets, property, child custody arrangements, and in certain situations, spousal support or alimony.  David Badanes, Esq. has provided professional divorce and family law services in Commack, NY for several years and is recognized as a leading Long Island divorce attorney.

The motto of the Badanes Law Office is “The Law Firm with a Difference.”  We make sure each client is properly advised and taken care of during the process of getting a divorce in Commack.  We make sure you are prepared for court, whether you are going to have a contested or uncontested divorce.

The Badanes Law Office and David Badanes will represent your interests, provide quality guidance both pre- and post-trial, and determine the best course of action at all times.

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Testimonials from Commack Divorce Clients

“My divorce mediation was handled very professionally by David Badanes. He made himself available when we needed to go over matters and was very reasonable with his fees. The whole process from beginning to end was explained in easy-to-understand terms. I would highly recommend Mr. Badanes for divorce mediation.”


“About ten years after my divorce both I and my ex discovered that a QDRO document detailing how my pension was to be divided had been improperly prepared back at the time of our split (handled by another lawyer). Because so many years had passed and because pension funds are not required to retain more than seven years of financial records for individuals, and because the pension itself had been redefined by the company, redoing the QDRO in a way that was fair to both was especially tricky. Experts in preparing QDROs in Florida who handle cases from all over the country confirmed that they had rarely seen such a screwed up situation. A seasoned veteran in another legal specialty here on Long Island recommended David Badanes. And although David claimed no special expertise in QDROs, he was careful and methodical. My problem took some time to fix, but it was ultimately resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. David’s diplomatic persistence paid off and, all told, his fees were more than reasonable.”


“I chose to engage David Badanes for my contested divorce because I felt comfortable with his availability and attention to detail. As the owner of a small business, I appreciated that I was always able to reach David and that I was dealing with him as the principal of his firm directly, as opposed to some junior partner or one member of a large roster of lawyers. I believe my divorce was likely as or more challenging than the average he’s encountered, but David provided me with quality guidance pre and post-trial and always zealously, but ethically, represented my interests.”


Commack Divorce FAQs

What are the procedures for a divorce?

There are several important steps in the divorce procedure and we advise you to contact the Badanes Law Office immediately to go over each step. Call (631) 239-1702 or contact us online to schedule your FREE consultation.

How much does it cost to get divorced?

After the fixed costs of filing fees and documents, other variable costs include fees for document preparation and legal representation by an attorney.

How long does it take to get a divorce?

There are several factors that may affect the amount of time needed to get a divorce. Things like residency requirements, separation requirements, waiting periods, and other factors come into play during the divorce process.

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is one in which there is no opposition to what is requested in the divorce complaint, or in which both parties agree to the divorce and the terms of the settlement.

Is there a way to get divorced without going to court?

Yes, in most cases going to court is unnecessary.

What forms do I need to file a divorce in New York?

All you need to file for a divorce in Commack, New York is a Summons with Notice.

Will I have to pay alimony/spousal support?

Alimony, spousal support or maintenance, will be determined as the divorce proceedings take place are based on several factors within both parties.

Does New York grant divorces base on marital fault?

In October 2010 New York became the last state to enact a No-Fault divorce law.

Can I get an annulment in New York?

New York allows for the annulment of a marriage in certain situations and we advise you to call our divorce attorney to discuss your situation.

Do I really need to hire a Commack, New York divorce attorney?

Working with a local divorce attorney has many benefits, including knowledge of the Court system, the ability to meet in person, and improved service and accessibility, to name a few. You should always select an attorney that understands your case is unique and who will take the time to understand your individual needs and goals.

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Cities Nearby

David Badanes, Esq. serves Commack, NY with divorce attorney services, as well as the following towns around Commack throughout Suffolk and Nassau County:

  • Elwood, NY (11731, 11740, 11743)
  • East Northport, NY (11768)
  • Dix Hills, NY (11729, 11731, 11756, 11747)
  • Kings Park, NY (11754)
  • Hauppauge, NY (11787, 11788)
  • Smithtown, NY (11725, 11754, 11780, 11787)
  • Brentwood, NY (11706, 11717)
  • South Huntington, NY (11746)
  • Deer Park, NY (11703, 11729, 11798)
  • Central Islip, NY (11716, 11722, 11749, 11752)
  • Huntington Station, NY (11743,11746)
  • Huntington, NY (11721, 11724, 11740, 11743)
  • Melville, NY (11735, 11746, 11747, 11775)
  • Nesconset, NY (11767)
  • North Bay Shore, NY (11706)